New schedule! New classes! Read for more!

Don’t worry, we haven’t taken away any classes from our normal schedule. We HAVE, however, added more! We’ve also changed up our routine a bit!

We’ve been experimenting with having the same routine for a month at a time. During this experience, we found that some people like certain routines more than others. And rather than be stuck with a routine that you’re not super fond of, we’re now offering different styles on Tuesdays and Thursdays so you can change it up a bit! Our Thursday class will be our “Flow” class. You can read more about it here.┬áBasically, we’re taking moves from our Basics class and applying them to a flow routine that focuses on breathing and incorporates all facets of balance, flexibility, and strength. It’s not your typical flow class, where the instructor is moving at the speed of light and you can’t keep up. However, we won’t hold poses for a super long time, so we can truly focus on breathing from one pose into the next.

Tuesday is introducing our Focus class. Each week there will be a different theme of focus – like flexibility, balance, or power/strength. We will utilize these routines to emphasize our focus, and hone in on poses that stimulate the theme of the week. This class will be slower, more purposeful, and we can’t wait for you to try it!

Saturdays will remain our Yoga Basics class without a theme for the time being. The routine will incorporate both flow and focus into one.

Our BEST news by far is the introduction of our new part-time instructor, Sarah! Sarah has been with us since the beginning and has soared in our classes. You might have seen her subbing in for Stacey a couple times. Sarah has a great energy and spirit, and most importantly, supports our vision that ANYone can do yoga, and maybe even grow to love it like she does! Sarah will be teaching our beginner class, Yoga for the First Time, every Monday from 6:45pm-7:15pm. With this short half hour class, it’s a great way to introduce beginners to basic yoga moves and get your muscles used to moving in different ways. You are welcome to stay with the beginner class as long as you like – if a half hour works for you, by all means, keep coming!!

Sarah will also be opening up a Yoga Basics class every other Tuesday afternoon from 12:30pm-1:30pm. So if you need some stretching on your lunch break, or before the kids get home from school, here’s your opportunity!! Yoga Basics is very suitable for beginners, or students of all levels. If we find that the afternoon class is super popular, we’ll definitely look into adding more!

The schedule is up to date on our website! You can access it by clicking here. We’ll be updating our Facebook page very soon as well. We’re so excited for these changes! It’s a positive sign we’re growing and spreading a positive message out there – and can’t wait for you to grow with us!

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  1. Vira
    8 hours ago

    Do you have classes on Monday Wednesday and Friday during mid day or early morning?
    And your cost what is it?
    Thank you,

    1. fatgirlyoga Author
      9 hours ago

      Hi Vira!

      Not currently. Our daytime classes are every other Tuesday and Saturday mornings. We hope to branch out to more daytime classes soon!

  2. Sharon
    4 hours ago

    May l drop in for first time or do l need to register

    1. fatgirlyoga Author
      9 hours ago

      Hi Sharon! You’re always welcome to drop into any of our classes. Registering sometimes helps, so we know how many people are coming so we can accommodate for that. Tonight’s beginner class is cancelled, but otherwise it’s every Monday night at 6:45!


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