I always love when we have exciting news to share!

We’ve revamped our Wednesday Kickboxing class schedule to offer a little bit of variety and structure for our students. We’ve also *officially* brought on an additional instructor to lead some of our kickboxing classes. Johanna Willey has been with us for what seems like forever, and has subbed for Stacey recently to get her feet wet. She’s got mad skills and we’re excited to announce that twice a month, she’ll be leading ourkickboxing classes. Congratulations, Johanna!

Ok so here’s the new monthly structure:

1st Wednesday: Kickboxing Fundamentals taught by Stacey
2nd & 3rd Wednesday: Kickboxing Conditioning taught by Johanna
4th Wednesday: Self Defense Techniques taught by Stacey

If there happens to be a 5th Wednesday in the month (like THIS month), we’ll have open studio time for our kickboxing students to come work on anything your heart desires. It’s a free/open class, so while there will be no official instruction, Stacey or Johanna will be there to help guide/answer questions/provide feedback.

All classes are still suited for ALL skill levels, and despite the connotation to the word “conditioning”, no – we’re not introducing cardio kickboxing. Conditioning will focus on refining your skills or even just doing drills to get started. To read more about the class descriptions, head to our website here:

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