Yes, and please do! Not only do we have a beginner’s class for people that have never tried yoga before, all of our moves are explained thoroughly during the classes, with any modifications anybody needs.

Quite the opposite, actually. Our mission and goal when we first began was to provide a positive, encouraging environment for people who identify as fat. For some, it’s actually more offensive to hear the terms “plus size”, “obese”, “large”, etc. The word “fat” has derived a highly negative connotation in today’s society, and we aim to strip that away. Some people call themselves fat. So what? We can do yoga AND enjoy some delicious pizza afterward. You don’t have to call yourself fat to attend. Maybe you’re recovering from an injury. Maybe you’re in your later years in life. Maybe you work out a lot, but hey – you also love food a lot. Bottom line? It. Doesn’t. Matter. We’re here to empower you and help you empower yourself. But the one thing we insist on is that no matter what size you are, you don’t judge the people around you.

Not even close. We’re promoting body empowerment, strength, and flexibility. That comes in all shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, fat women are less inclined to go to yoga classes than skinnier women. And that’s just crazy. We created an environment of like-minded, like-bodied people – but even still, everyone looks different. And we believe that should be celebrated, rather than shamed. Again, we don’t care if you’re a size 2 or a size 22. In our classes, you shouldn’t care who’s a size 2 or 22 either.

We created FatGirl Yoga with women primarily in mind. In co-ed yoga classes, women can be uncomfortable bending and twisting in front of other women, let alone men as well. However, we do have a selection of coed classes to choose from! Just ask us!

We want to emphasize that we’re not personal trainers, dietitians, or nutritionists. We’re not here to teach you how to lose weight, talk about the most current diet trends, or any of that. We’re also not promoting weight loss with yoga or telling you to eat less or different things. We’re teaching fundamental moves to strengthen your body, make it more flexible, and improve your balance. You’re welcome to talk with other students or the trainer about their nutrition & exercise knowledge before and after class, obviously. Just know that weight isn’t essential to what we’re doing.

Yes you can!!! Our trainer strives to emphasize modifications as much as possible during class. Some people have bigger bellies/butts/boobs or previous injuries that prevent them from doing a particular move in one way. One size definitely does not fit all. During class, we’re all about levity and an enjoyable, comfortable atmosphere – so if you need more help or modification, all you need to do is shout it out. We’ll take care of you.

This one is really simple: just your fabulous self! We have mats, blocks, towels, and bottled water available for you. If you want to bring your own supplies, we welcome you to do that. We know it can be an investment to buy a mat and other things, which is why we provide them for you for as long as you need it. You can choose to use ours, or you can choose to bring your own. (FYI: Ours are cleaned immediately after each class, so no worries there.)

That’s really a personal choice. Some people get shaky if they haven’t eaten something before a class. Others feel too full if they eat a lot ahead of time. Yoga DOES promote digestion, as we’re expanding and contracting our bodies quite a bit. So, maybe eating a giant burrito 5 minutes before class wouldn’t make you feel super hot as we’re going through our moves. But we’re certainly not stopping you, either! A good tip is not to eat too close to class time, but definitely try to get some protein in you beforehand if possible. It generally helps with fatigue, muscle soreness, and overall digestion. 

Don’t let that stop you from attending! You can still participate with the moves, just being a little bit more gentle on your body. And no matter what, supplement with water to keep your body hydrated, either during and/or after class.

Don’t forget that your first class is totally FREE. We also have several pricing/package options for people that want to purchase multiple classes and save a little bit on the per-class rate. That being said, the most important thing to us is being available to those that could really benefit from our classes. So, if you have a special budgetary need, just contact us, and we’ll work to figure out an arrangement that works for you.

Yes, absolutely! Most of our mats are a premium 1/4″ thick, whereas most mats you find elsewhere are quite thinner. If you enjoy working on a particular mat in our studio, just talk to the instructor about purchasing one, and you can either take it home with you, or leave it in the studio in your own space (though we’ll leave it up to you for cleaning at that point!)

We sure do! You can choose from a variety of classes, including a deep stretch class, a mild rejuvenating class, a more intense flow class, restorative, and more! We also offer first-time beginner classes (which you can continue to attend even after your first time). It’s only 45 minutes and teaches you the basics of getting introduced to yoga. Additionally, on Wednesdays, we offer a self-defense/kickboxing/kenpo style class. If you have ideas for classes you’d like to see, just let us know!

In order to better serve our students, we recently transitioned to a software system powered by Glofox. It still allows us to embed our calendar here on our website, and you still get to have a student account. In your account, you’ll be able to make purchases, register for classes, and keep track of your credits if you’re paying per class. Glofox also provides us with a smartphone app where you can keep track of your stuff on the go! If you have questions or problems, just give us a shout.

Because our business is driven primarily through word of mouth, we’d LOVE for you to share us with your friends, family, or anyone you think might enjoy some yoga. Feel free to share our website, and also come visit us on Facebook! You can email/message/contact our owner and trainer, Stacey, at any time with questions.