F-o-c-u-s Yoga

The Focus class will give our students the opportunity to finely tune their yoga experience. Each week, we’ll focus on a different theme to incorporate into class. For instance, one week we’ll give preference to balance. Another week, we’ll focus on moves that enhance our flexibility. Some weeks, we’ll focus on strength poses where we’ll hold poses for longer, and focus on enhancing our upper and lower body strength. This style of class will be slower than a flow class, with its intent to really give purpose to each week’s focus.

Amanda relocated to Spokane by way of Boise, ID. She is a highly experienced yoga instructor with over five years in teaching. Amanda has taught restorative, Flow, hot yoga, and many other styles! She truly brings the tradition of focused

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  1. Chris
    8 hours ago

    I am thin and weak and would like to use yoga to increase my Breathing Capabilities, I have COP D and Also like to strengthen my muscles , do you have a class that would help? Thank you

    1. fatgirlyoga Author
      9 hours ago

      Hi Chris – I think starting off in our beginner’s class on Monday evenings would be a great benefit for you. It’s a short, half hour class that would be a perfect way to introduce you to yoga moves and breathing exercises!


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