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FatGirl Yoga was born and bred from the idea that women of any size should be able to practice yoga without the element of fear based on embarrassment, judgement, ridicule, or feeling that they’re attempting the impossible. When we began this journey, we asked women if they would be interested in coming to yoga classes in a room full of like-minded, like-bodied people, including the instructor. An overwhelming majority responded YES, they’d jump at the chance for that – and it was in the words of their replies that made us realize even more just how important this concept of acceptance is. People generally fell into 2 categories:

1) They’d never tried yoga before because they were told/thought that yoga is for skinny people and they’d never be able to bend that way. Intimidation. Fear.

2) They’d tried yoga once or twice, but were constantly concerned with how they looked to other people, they couldn’t do moves other people could, no one was teaching them how to modify it to their particular need. Intimidation. Fear.

From the very first launch class with FatGirl Yoga, we strived to prove that ANYone that wants to do yoga, can. Do we have a bias against skinny people? Absolutely not. Anyone is welcome at our classes. We simply eliminate all bias that if you’re fat, have big boobs, belly, or butt, doing yoga isn’t for you. You can teach your body to stretch, no matter its size. Our bodies can do much more than we think they can do, and in our classes, we prove it. Don’t worry – we’re not bending anyone into a pretzel right off the bat (or at any time, really). What we focus on is the practical, functional, every-day uses of yoga and it’s benefits: strength, flexibility, balance.

Most importantly, we aim to empower women to love their bodies, to stretch themselves physically and mentally, to have fun learning weird new yoga poses, and to know, unequivocally, that they can be in a space free of intimidation, judgement, and fear.


  • It was awesome!!! I am so looking forward to this becoming a regular part of getting healthy! Relaxed atmosphere and amazing teacher!!

    Colleen H.

  • Really enjoy traditional yoga when I'm not being made fun of or looked at weird for needing "modifications", which is why I enjoyed this class. Great way to relax after hell day at work.

    Teri K.

  • This was great! Thank you! Can't wait for the next one!

    Tiffanie I.

  • Was awesome! I was challenged at my comfort level. Can't wait for next time.

    Kim S.

  • This is the perfect place to learn and practice yoga if you feel insecure, or intimidated by a regular class. I love all of the participants, the instructor Stacey is knowledgeable, awesome, confident, and it's very easy to follow her lead. She even has modifications for those of us who aren't able to do the full movements, for whatever reason. She really thought of everything! This will be the only yoga class I will attend because I feel COMFORTABLE here. No judgment zone!

    Kelly A.

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