Rejuvenate Yoga

Another class for those who have mid-day availability! This class focuses on standard yoga moves and poses that will help rejuvenate and breathe life back into you after a long day. Even if your day isn’t done, you’ll have renewed energy after an hour with us in this class! The Thursday class is coed!

Amanda relocated to Spokane by way of Boise, ID. She is a highly experienced yoga instructor with over five years in teaching. Amanda has taught restorative, Flow, hot yoga, and many other styles! She truly brings the tradition of focused

Stacey is the owner and primary trainer at FatGirl Yoga. She has many years of yoga experience in addition to other fitness and sports related activities. In addition to teaching classes, she is also a real estate agent/broker in Spokane as well as a professional photographer. Stacey enjoys teaching yoga as a source of strength and empowerment! Read below for more of her bio and philosophy toward yoga!

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